About Us

KURE Alkaline Herbs is a Waterloo-based company, now offering natural herbs and remedies for local families, that assist in boosting immune systems, detoxing, and revitalizing our bodies. 


At KURE Alkaline Herbs our mission is to empower families and communities to heal their bodies and assist in reversing illnesses that can be done so naturally. We are striving to make natural and organic alternative remedies readily available and affordable for all. We are developing a simplified process to make healing herbs easier to access.


KURE works directly with farmers in Jamaica to harvest the freshest, GMO-free plant remedies that contain powerful healing properties. Our zero-waste policy allows for us to bring the product directly to your doorstep within 2 weeks of being harvested, and delivered directly to you in sustainable packing. 


At KURE we believe that all families deserve access to organic healing options, from the youngest to the oldest. Join our community and let’s heal together in an organic way!